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Great pepper recipe!

All About Pepper


The presence and use of peppers date from prehistoric times as indicated by archeological remains in Peru. The exact origin of each...

Types of Peppers

Peppers are a favorite vegetable cultivated and used in dishes around the world...

Nutritional Value

Ah, the pepper, that spicy, snappy, crunchy vegetable that adds taste and texture to...

Pepper Recipes

Grilled Mustard Chicken Breasts

Adapted from The Eating Well Cookbook. Marinate chicken breasts in this mixture of three different kinds...

16 Minute Tortilla Pizza

Tortilla Pizza is quite similar to regular pizza, the only difference being the difference in the crust. The crust of the former pizza is thinner...

10 Minute Guacamole

Adapted from Time to Cook Low Cab by Paragon Publishing Fresh guacamole is easy and quick to make, and tastes better...

Crispy Butter Chicken

This recipe calls for no flour, so this can be a gluten-free meal! It's simple as can be to prepare and can be an addition to any number...

African Peanut Soup

Adapted from the Vegetarian Times Complete Cookbook This recipe is based on a traditional West African soup made with...


Synonyms and common names

Peppers, or capsicums, are given different names in each of the different countries they are found. For instance, in parts of Australasia and India...

Use in various cuisines

Peppers can be eaten ripe and raw in a salad or in a stir-fry. Peppers can also be roasted, grilled, fried in a pan, or stuffed and filled with a variety of foods.


Capsicum annum can be ground up to make a spice known as paprika, although the term refers to lots of other kinds of peppers in some countries.

Scoville scale

The strength of spice in a chili is measured with a scale known as the Scoville scale, which represents the quantity of the chemical...


Capsicum annuum

Chili pepper

Chilies are grown from a species of plant known as ‘genus Capsicum’, originating from the Americas, although this has since been...

Aleppo pepper

An Aleppo pepper is a form of the Capsicum anuum that is added as a spice to some Asian and Mediterranean dishes.

Banana pepper

Banana pepper A banana pepper is another variation on the Capsicum anuum species, so named because of its shape and color.

Bell pepper

Bell peppers are grown from the Capsicum anuum and are produced in different colours. This plant was originally grown in South and Central America...

Cascabel chili pepper

Cascabel is translated in English to mean ‘rattle’ because the seeds in the chili are loose and can be rattled around inside.

Cayenne pepper

Cayenne peppers are a hot pepper added to a dish to add to the flavour by creating a heat sensation in the taste.

Pimento pepper

The pimento is bigger in size than most other varieties and is generally sweeter and juicier than bell peppers, although there are some types that...

Pasilla pepper

The pasilla in its truest form is a dried version of the chilaca pepper, although the name is often given to the poblano when sold in the US.

Cubanelle pepper

Cubanelle is another type of sweet pepper that is a yellow/green when at its youngest and a vivid red color at its most mature.

Guajillo chili pepper

The guajillo chili is a large, red chili used in many Mexican dishes. The chili is fairly mild, rating no more than 5000 units using Scoville’s scale...

Jalapeño pepper

Jalapenos are neither the smallest nor largest of the chili family, but are considerably hot. The longest a jalapeno will reach is 9cm but are usually...

Peperoncini pepper

Peperoncini is a mild pepper with a slightly bitter taste. The Italian peperoncini is hotter and more bitter than the Greek version of the fruit and is mostly bought in a jar.

Pequin pepper

Pequin peppers are very hot chilies, reaching 60,000 on Scoville’s scale. As with other chilies, the pequin is at first green before turning to red.

Poblano pepper

The poblano is another native Mexican chili, the dried version of which is known as an ancho. The poblano is generally a mild tasting pepper...

Serrano pepper

The serrano pepper is a chili named after the region of mountains in Mexico in which they were originally grown. The plant can grow to a staggering 5...

Capsicum chinense

Aji dulce pepper

Aji dulce is a sweet pepper found in South and Central America and parts of the Caribbean, but perhaps best known in Venezuela...

Fatalii pepper

This pepper is a chili pepper, and unlike most others, is native to parts of Africa rather than South or Central America...

Madame Jeanette pepper

Is an extremely hot chili without any other taste to it when consumed fresh and uncooked. It is widely grown and can grow inside...

Habanero chili pepper

Like the Fatalli, the habanero is extremely hot, reaching 350,000 units using Scoville’s method. They are a short, thin chili most commonly...

Naga Jolokia pepper

The Naga jolokia is the hottest variety of chili available, tripling the heat of a habanero, and is native to North East India, although it is also grown in Sri Lanka.

Scotch bonnet pepper

The Scotch bonnet (the fruit is known by many other names) is of the same species of plant that the habanero comes from, which is amongst the hottest peppers...

Capsicum frutescens

Piri piri pepper

The Capsicum frutescens is the species of plant from which the piri piri pepper is grown, and this particular plant grows to over a metre in height.

Tabasco pepper

Tabasco peppers are grown from the Capsicum frutescens, and are famously used in the sauce of the same name. The particular plant from which...

Pepper Video Recipes

In looking for the best recipe made from the many pepper types around the world, here are just but a few that will help you in discovering this savoury pepper world.

Pepper Recipes

Here are some of the pepper recipes that you can do.

Pepper Pictures

Here are some of the pepper pictures recipes that are easy to prepare and which will give you an exciting experience in the kitchen.